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3 Must-Visit Seattle Coffee Shops

3 Must-Visit Seattle Coffee Shops

My favorite quality about the Pacific Northwest is its adoration for a good cup of coffee. We roast those coffee beans to perfection, take latte art to a whole new level, and really put the rest of the country to shame with the love that can be tasted in each sip. Is it an obsession? Yes. Is it healthy? Debatable. I visited Seattle last weekend and went on a bit of a "coffee crawl" with my traveling companion. We sipped our way through the Emerald City, and while our eyes may have been peeled open, our hearts and taste buds were delighted by what we found. Here are the three coffee shops that I have deemed to be a MUST when you visit this section of the Upper Left Coast. 

At each stop, we sampled a simple vanilla latte. 

3. Moore Coffee

This coffee shop was referred to us as the "most Instagrammed" coffee joint in Seattle. Located on 2nd Ave, easily within walking distance from Pike Place, Moore's is right next to the historic Moore Theater. When we entered, we were immediately greeted by a long line, and people waiting for their orders. Grabbing a seat, we waited for our number to be called; we discussed how much smaller the space was than we had assumed. Clearly filled with tourists, it was busy; the plates filled with waffles and fresh fruit peaked our interest for next time. 

We loved the latte we ordered. It was on the sweeter side, with the vanilla flavor really shining through. It was also lighter, as in the milk-to-espresso ratio was not evenly balanced but instead found itself in favor of the foamed milk. Tasty, and worth the wait. 

2. Storyville Coffee

We may or may not have taken a solid half hour trying to find this little treasure. But once we found it, we were immediately impressed with the modern vibe it held. Located on the third floor of one of the buildings in Pike Place (note to self: Google Maps does not tell you it's on the third floor...but it is), Storyville was our first stop, and we visited again on the way out of town! The space was full, but plenty large. The table games were fun, and provided the perfect atmosphere for a gathering of friends. 

Our latte from Storyville was beautifully strong. There was no question as to whether or not good espresso was used. While the milk and vanilla flavors were present, it was that strong espresso taste that was prominent. We loved it. Gold star. 

1. Slate Coffee Roasters

The winner of our coffee crawl! We didn't intend to go to Slate, but after a wild goose chase for a thrift store that ended up being closed, we happened upon it and decided to rest our weary feet. Located in the Pioneer Square area, Slate was a much larger space than the other stops on our crawl, with high ceilings, minimalist decor, and lovely natural light. Considering that is was farther away from the tourists of Pike Place, Slate was less crowded, more relaxed, and gave us the perfect stop during our long day -- I wish I could just sit and study there every day! 

Our latte from Slate was delightful, and in my opinion, the perfect balance. They don't use traditional syrups (like the vanilla we ordered), but they do have a simple syrup they use to sweeten their drinks. That is what we had in our latte; it added a little sweetness while still maintaining the strong espresso. Perfection. We ended up staying at Slate for an hour, enjoying our coffee, the relaxed atmosphere, and the homey vibe. You had better believe we'll be trekking back to Pioneer Square next time we're in Seattle!  

Do you have other Seattle coffee shops that you consider a must? Let me know! I have a feeling I'll be coffee crawling sometime in the near future! :) 

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