5 Tips For Cheap, Totally Stellar Broadway Tickets

Whether you frequent New York often or you are visiting for the first time ever, a Broadway show is ALWAYS a good idea. It's truly an experience like non-other - even if you aren't a theater junkie, Broadway will still blow you away. The songs, the dances, the sets...AH. As you can see, I'm a big fan. 

This being said, Broadway shows are not exactly cheap entertainment. Tickets can be pretty pricey, but that does not mean that you shouldn't try to see the next big thing! I've been to my fair share of Broadway shows, some the original, TicketMaster way, but most through a variety of save-a-buck methods. 

1. TodayTix


This is the easiest, sure-fire step for a discount on your Broadway tickets. TodayTix is a site that gives you exactly what you see - think Ticket Master for Broadway. You can pick your show, date, and then you'll meet the TodayTix representative outside the theater 30 minutes before your show to retrieve your ticket. You'll generally save a few bucks, even if it's only $10. 

2. Rush


OK, so you can't bet your last penny on this method. It's hit or miss -- really, with shows that are crazy popular this can be a slim chance. Rush tickets are available at select shows, available the day of the performance you wish to go to. Most rush tickets are between $39 and $49, pretty good for Broadway. Some shows (like Waitress for the current season) have tons of people desiring rush tickets with very few tickets set aside, so you'll have to stand in line before the box office opens. I suggest calling the box office to see what they suggest for their particular show. 

3. The Lottery

This method can be a great daily "check off" if you have a show you have your eye on but won't be buying tickets for anytime soon (AKA me with Hamilton). This varies from show to show, but realistically you have two options: Digital lottery and in-person lottery. Digital lottery simply means you go to the show's site and enter your email between a certain timeframe the day of the show. You'll then receive an email when you win (or lose) and you'll have a set amount of time to claim your tickets. In-person lottery is more of a raffle: You show up at the box office, generally an hour and a half before showtime, and write your name on the sign-up sheet. Whoever is running the lottery will then draw names for however many seats are available. Sure, this takes some legwork, but I do know someone who has gotten AWESOME seats this way! 

When you win the lottery, you'll be able to choose if you want one or two tickets. Bring a buddy, your chances just doubled! 

4. Standing Room

This is pretty self-explanatory. Once a show sells out, most of them will offer standing room tickets at a discounted price. Yes, this does mean you have to stand. But, you often will have a better view standing at the back of the first level than sitting in the back of the balcony. If you want to see a show badly, sometimes sacrifices must be made! 

Standing room tickets are only available once a show is sold out, so you may have to buy your tickets close to showtime. 

5. Charm the box office


OK, so you've lost the lottery, rush tickets could not be found, you don't want to stand, and the interweb is completely out of deals. What's a fan to do?! Just go chat with the box office. The attendants understand your struggles, and they'll generally work with you to make your big stage dreams happen. I've had a few days where I've just had to go see what the box office could do for me, and they were so nice! A friend and I got FRONT SEAT tickets to Phantom, just by stopping by out of curiosity! Just be kind and patient, it pays off. 

For all of this season's listings of standing room, rush, and lottery rules, visit Playbill's website


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