If You Haven't Joined The Fitness Tracker Fam, You're Running In The Wrong Direction

If you've talked to me at all within the last month, you know that I've recently purchased a FitBit. And I'm obsessed with it. 

Previously, I used a MyZone belt, which is a fantastic way to track your workouts. MyZone focuses on your heart rate, telling you how hard your body is working while exercising. The belt is designed to only wear during your workout, but while you're wearing it, it's awesome.

See, I needed a 24/7 fitness buddy. I needed something that was a one-stop shop, a tracker that did everything I had ever dreamed of. 

And gosh dangit, I found it. 

Upon purchasing my FitBit Alta HR, I realized just how easy (and fun!) fitness tracking could be. I had previously used MyZone for workouts, MyFitnessPal for nutrition tracking, and the Health app on my iPhone to see my general mileage on a day-to-day basis. FitBit took all of that and condensed it into one icon on my phone. 

I'm a fairly active, healthy human being. I already knew this. But wearing my FitBit, and plugging my data into the app on my phone has taken my enthusiasm (obsession?) to the next level. Not only am I able to track how many steps I take, I can see how many calories I'm burning during the entire course of a day, and also track my nutrition and water intake with the app. 


My FitBit also prompts me to get up and move (I kid you not, it buzzes every hour) if I have been sitting for too long. Sure, I look a little ridiculous pacing the hallway in our office in order to reach my 250 steps if the hour is almost up, but it sure feels good to stretch my legs. On that note, you can also challenge your FitBit friends (PUHLEEZ be my friend, that way my poor mother can stop receiving my challenge requests) to different courses. AKA my competitive side is turned up high--yours will be too, promise. 

All in all, you really don't need my yammering on about the cool things a FitBit can do. You'll either buy one or you won't. But no matter whether you join the #FitFam or not, it is so important that you do something that helps you take note of your health.

Maybe it's starting with MyFitnessPal to see what you eat in a day and how it adds up. Or maybe it's just checking the Health app on your phone to get a basic idea of how much you move. Ultimately, it matters less how you track your health, and more of the fact that you're actually making the conscious decision to keep yourself accountable. 

It's no secret that America has a health problem. We're processed and sat on the couch to rot. But by simply checking in on your health, your motivation goes through the roof, no matter what level you're at. 

So do it. I don't care if you're an Apple Watch junkie, a loyal MyZone participant, or a fellow FitBIt lunatic. Get up and get going -- start stepping towards the best version of yourself. 

If you're looking for a stepping soundtrack, help yourself to my cardio playlist on Spotify. 





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