5 Reads That Will Bring A Little Bit Of Trick And A Whole Lot Of Treat To Your Fall

When I was in elementary and middle school, I continually got in trouble for reading when I should be doing something else — homework, chores, sleeping, you name it. Digging into a new book was my favorite past time. I ate up any new read thrown my way! 

As high school came, my busyness quickly increased. Practice after school, more homework, and the skeletal remains of a social life threw reading onto the back burner. College only elevated that “I just don’t have time!” mentality. My favorite past time had been replaced with trying to squeeze in a nap between projects, jobs, and numerous extracurriculars. 

As I was getting ready to graduate college, I went to chat with one of my professors during office hours, to make sure I had crossed everything off my “ready to receive a diploma” list. While I was there, I asked for books I should read — all the Comm professors at Canyon are avid bookworms. 

As it usually went, my one question to one professor resulted in the other three professors coming in with their input. Soon, I had books and books and books. Really? I haven’t read for leisure in years and this is what I get? A to-do list? But then, one of my professors told me how much time I would have now that school wasn’t a factor. I was skeptical...me, NOT busy? What a concept. 

I’m pleased to share that Professor Farmer was right — while I’m still a busy beaver, I do have some more time now. I can have hobbies again, hooray! Since I get to spend 90 minutes a day hoping the MTA looks kindly on me, I have the perfect place to catch up on my reading. To match the festive, fall spirit, here are five reads that had my jaw dropping, heart pounding, and caused a few “you have GOT to be kiddings” come out of my mouth. 

1. The Woman in the Window

A.J. Finn published this at the beginning of the year, and by its hold line at the library, I’d say it’s a success! As Finn began to unravel the truth behind Anna Fox, the subject of which the book is titled, my breath sped up. I didn’t know who to blame or whose side to take, until I found myself wide awake unable to put it down until the last 100 pages were finished. A+ work, truly a book that kept me guessing until the very end.

2. Behind Closed Doors  

This book infuriated me, but I believe that’s what B.A. Paris intended. Upon meeting the married couple which the story surrounded, Jack and Grace, I immediately felt intensely strong emotions toward both. To one, rage and horror. To the other, helplessness and panic. I didn’t know how it would turn out, I just hoped with every page that a bystander would notice the dismay in Jack and Grace’s relationship. I yelled the most during this book, if that tells you anything.

3. Before We Were Yours

This is, admittedly, my favorite book on the list. Lisa Wingate does a remarkable job at bringing a historical scandal to life with characters that are based on the truth behind Georgia Tann’s deplorable children’s home. Wingate jumps back and forth in time, from 1939 Tennessee to present day South Carolina, slowly but surely showcasing the correlation. While this book had me flipping through pages, it didn’t have a “creep” or “thriller” factors - merely good mystery. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for page-turner and still hoping to sleep at night! 

4. In a Dark, Dark Wood

Ruth Ware has a few “must reads” out right now, including The Woman in Cabin 10 and The Lying Game. I like her style because it’s thrilling, but still very much a story - you don’t place yourself in the narrative like you do other books on this list. Maybe it’s because the plot involves a “hen party” and that just doesn’t sound threatening? Who’s to say. Anyway, this is another good book to start with if you’re trying to get into thrillers - this was a fun one to guess “who done it.”

5.  Then She Was Gone

I spent a fair share of this book with my jaw open, hoping for certain results. Lisa Jewell ropes her readers into the story of Ellie, a teenage girl who has gone missing, and a mother who has not been the same since. I would’ve liked to dig more into some of the side characters in this novel, but to be fair, Jewell’s plot was focused largely on that initial mother-daughter relationship. She did a great job at using her main characters priorities to blur other “give aways” they could’ve seen coming - this is another “BUT DON’T YOU SEE?!” stories that’ll have you trying to talk to the characters to help them out.

Happy reading, friends! What other fall favorites are you bringing out this season? Are you more of a Hallmark & pumpkin spice reader, or do you prefer being on the edge of your seat?

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