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September 'Musts' For Boss Babes

September 'Musts' For Boss Babes

This is the first year that I've been well into September without being buried by textbooks and syllabi. It's going back to school season...and I'm not in school. It's an odd sensation, one that I'm not quite sure I'm 100% ok with. I associate going back to school season with a beginning.

September brings a fresh, clean routine - a reprieve from the chaos of summer. September symbolizes new goals, events to become excited about, and the formation of an improved normal. I love September because it seems to stabilize life as I know it. With September comes opportunity. Even though I'm not going back to school, I am still in love with the beginnings that September brings. 

No matter where you are in life, with or without school, September ought to be used for what it is intended -- to get it together and conquer the world. As I've analyzed my September, I've realized there are a few 'musts' that all boss babes need to have on their September to-do list. 

1. Get a haircut

Sure, you may have gotten a new 'do' pre-Memorial Day, but your hair needs a little help to get back in the fall spirit. Cut away those split ends, thin out the fuzz -- freshen up, doll! You'll feel better, more put together, and you'll wow whatever room you walk into. 

While you're scheduling with the salon, you might as well put a doctor's appointment, a trip to the dentist, and an eye examination on the calendar. Personal care -- prioritize it! 

2. Clean out your closet

In the midst of a move, I've had to come to terms with what I do and do not need. I know, it's hard to say goodbye to that darling top you got three years ago. But, if you haven't worn it within the last six months (aside from seasonal items), it needs to go. Purge out your closet. See what you really need and donate the rest. You're just making room for new! This little task also gives you the ok to update your wardrobe! Need new boots? Go for it. Give yourself a little boost going into the colder months. Out with the old and bring in some new! 

3. Make a reading list

Summer's unorthodox schedule wears you out. It pulls you one way and then drags you the other. Who expected to need a schedule in order to breathe regularly again? Needless to say, you may now resume your regularly scheduled reading habit. Don't have one? That's fine, you can start now! Fresh beginnings, fresh habits, right? Right. 

Here are a few reads I'm SUPER amped to be flipping through this fall! 


4. Commit to a workout routine

I know, I know. Summer is crazy and you would much rather blend up a batch of margaritas than spend some time on the leg press. It's hard to commit to a workout routine when you have oodles of fun (and sun!) waiting right outside. But now it's time to make the decision. Get down to business. Defeat the Huns. All of that good stuff. 

Getting your booty in the gym is the first step towards bettering yourself. Here's my advice: Find a gym that you are motivated to go to consistently. Maybe this means someplace with a pool so you can swim laps. Or perhaps you want group classes that bring some choreographed boogie to your day. A training program is also a thought. One way or the other, find a gym you will go to -- yes, even if this means a little bit of an investment. 

5. Find a mentor

It's exhausting taking on this life by yourself. You're going to need someone to give you guidance, a hug, or much-needed perspective. As you're adjusting to your new routine, make it a point to meet with a mentor on a regular basis. Find a mentor who is either in your field of work, from your church, or just a super rad lady who is willing to invest in your life. You'd be surprised at how much of a difference outside perspective can make. Let's be real, boss babes, life's a lot better together. 

Here's to a September (that is over halfway done...what?!) full of fresh routines, stellar opportunities, and goals intended to be conquered! 


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