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Take a Break, Dangit!

Take a Break, Dangit!

I'm a busy lady. I work two jobs, try to keep up with this little blog thing (HA! Notice my 20-day absence? So sorry.) and also attempt to eat something other than protein bars. I've convinced myself I need more than 24 hours in a day and tend to fill my few empty hours with errands and hang outs and all that jazz. But you know what? 

Taking a break is not a suggestion. It's a mandatory part of your health. 

Working in a health club, I am constantly telling members to be nice to their bodies...I don't want to see them in the gym seven days a week, I want to hear about the great things they're doing outside of the gym. I want to them to take naps to refresh their busy bodies, I want them to play games and hike mountains, I want them to read a book that is not for school or work. I want them to live and love their life. 

I've had a consistently busy state of living this summer. After a mid-week breakdown, I came to the conclusion that I needed to practice what I preached. I needed to take a break. So that's what I did. I have a two-day weekend from one of my jobs this Sunday/Monday, and while I still have to accomplish tasks for job number two, I decided to take a break. Last night I did my work and then put my computer away to watch an episode of Revenge with a mug of ice cream. This morning I didn't set an alarm and woke up at 9:30 AM. I made breakfast in my pajamas, took a shower, and walked downtown to take the day as it came. I got coffee at my favorite shop, whipped out my computer to do some work and then put that sucker away within ten minutes to chat with some pals. Two hours later those friends left and the computer is now back out, working and blogging and doing my thing. I'll finish my work, wander around, and read the book that I've been meaning to crack open since April. Tomorrow, I plan to do the same thing. 

I have yet to stop smiling. 

Truth be told, going to the gym is good for you. Working hard is good for you. Paying bills is good for you, and making rent really helps maintain a good relationship with your roommates. But taking the day as it comes? I needed it. You need it. 

I dare you to try it. 

I double dog dare you to have a day without plans. A day that you can run into friends and chat about theology for hours on end. A day with coffee and love and walking around downtown. A day where you can read if you want to! Sounds lovely, doesn't it? 

I know taking a break is hard. Americans as a whole don't really like this concept. We boast in our busy-ness. 

"How are you?" 

"Busy, but really good!" 

Sound familiar? Unfortunately, I'm sure it does. If you're like me, you've been in a perpetual state of busy-ness for a long time now. Maybe it's disguised as "very involved" or "productive" or "driven". I'm right there with you, no matter which phrase you choose. But don't feel like every day needs to be spent conquering the world - it'll wait while you rest up, champ. 

Take a break. Smell the roses. Drink a cup of coffee not for the caffeine, but because you're enjoying your morning. Be nice to you...you deserve it! 


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