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PSA: Tall Girls Want One Pieces Too

PSA: Tall Girls Want One Pieces Too

I hate bikinis. Except for the time in sixth grade when I was finally allowed to test the swim suit waters, I have not been fond of the two piece ensemble. Maybe it's a confidence issue. Maybe it's a personal preference. Maybe I want my clothes to stay on when someone calls for a chicken war at the lake. Maybe (definitely) it's all three. But, after the age of 10, it was fairly difficult to find a one piece that looked age appropriate (aka fun and cute and not clumpy). So I've been bikini clad ever since, whether I like it or not. 

I was delighted to see that the one piece has begun making a comeback into the realm of twenty-something fashion. They're actually accepted now!! I could just squeal! I was even more delighted when I saw American Eagle's swim brand, Aerie, coming out with a line of one piece suits. AE is where my hunt for the perfect pair of jeans came to a halt, so I assumed my one piece journey would be similar. Once I decided to splurge and go for it, I hopped online, very excited. I immediately found one I liked and got ready to put it in my cart. 

Here's the deal. I'm 5'8. Not a giant by any means, but I'm generally on the tall side of women in whatever room I find myself in. So I had a dilemma...what size do I get? I'm a size four in American Eagle jeans, which on the size chart put me in a small. But I have this lengthy torso (curse you, DNA!) that I knew could cause problems. But the medium size would've been too big...and still not long enough according to the size chart! What's a girl to do? After calling a friend for help (aka mom standing in the living room), I came to this conclusion: Order a small long (adding 2.5 inches to the torso), and a medium long (another 2.5 inches), and see which one works. I would simply return the other! Since I have a river day coming up soon, I gave in for the $15 fast shipping, excited to get my suit! One of them was bound to work...right? 


Upon receiving my package, I raced to try them on. I held up the medium and it looked way too big, so I opted to give the small the first chance at victory. 

Nope. Nope nope nope. You won't be seeing a picture, but let's just say I didn't know I was ordering a thong swim suit. The length was not nearly tall enough, and my booty would be sunburnt in a matter of minutes!! Additionally, the top portion was way too large...while my butt was burning, my shoulders would be hanging on for dear life trying to keep it on/up/not flashing the world. 

My one piece excitement was fading fast. 

Next I tried on the medium, bleakly hoping to see better results. Unfortunately, similar issues arose. It was still too short, and this time there wasn't a prayer this side of Texas that was going to keep the top part on. 

After huffing down the stairs to show my mom and sister the tragedy I had experienced, I mourned the loss of my $15 shipping fee and packaged both suits back in the box. Returning both of them was not what I had planned or hoped for. Who knew a 5'8 frame was so hard to clothe?! 

Needless to say, my one piece mission has still not been conquered. Where is a tall(ish) human to find a simple suit? I'm not asking for the moon here, I just want to look cute by the pool. 

I'm just a tall girl, standing in front of a one piece, asking for it to fit me.

Help a sister out and throw your suggestions in the comments! 

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