As A Woman

As a woman, I pledge to work harder
To jump fearlessly
To achieve goals

As a woman, I aim to love selflessly
To serve many
To comfort all

As a woman, I want to create change
To positively effect
To inspire results

As a woman, I don't want to take days off work. 

I would much rather work passionately, remembering the women that fought for my right to have a place in the business world. I don't want to slow down, and I don't want anything handed to me. I will prove my worth. I desire to earn respect from everyone around me, and to show high respect in return. I am a leader, an innovator, and a friend. I wish to constantly grow in these attributes. I aim to show other little girls that they can be these things as well. Just as the women who have stood out in history, I look forward to making a name for myself - perhaps not in textbooks, and perhaps nowhere you would consider important. Yet I hope to leave a legacy of love and strength. Of independence and reliability. Of will and passion. I hope to be a woman who has fought for not only my abilities and respect, but for the respect of others. As a woman I hope to better my life, but more importantly, use what I have been given and the talents I have to better the lives of others. I want to make an impact that lasts longer than I do. As a woman, I have that opportunity. And really - no matter who you are - so do you. How will you use it?