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Happy Endorphins Are The BEST

Happy Endorphins Are The BEST

I hate running. I also hate changing out of my warm, comfy cloths to go get all sweaty doing something I don't like. 

But I love it. 

In October, I started going to the gym three or four times a week. I quickly realized that I hated crowded gyms (and those judgmental freaks in their hundreds of dollars of athletic wear), so 8:30 PM became my sweet spot. I would hop on my elliptical, pump up the resistance, and just go. Four or five miles later I would get off, legs shaking and breath heavy, and walk (hobble) back to my room. 

After a month of forcefully going to the gym, I realized that I was feeling happier. Not that I had been particularly glum before, but I was just...well, less anxious about life. If there were any anxieties throughout my day, I would literally work them off. I hated running, but I loved the result that it had on my body, and even more so, my mind. 

Elle Woods knew what was up with those happy endorphins. 

As the fabulous Elle taught us back in 2001 (holy cow, it was that long ago?!), exercise brings out a plethora of good endorphins. In short, those endorphins are what make you all smiley, giving you that "runner's high" or feeling of euphoria. AKA, your body really likes it when you show that you care. 

While it may be hard to find the motivation, time, or just general sense of get up and go, once you've felt the benefits of these beautiful little endorphins, there's no going back. While a movie night may have derailed my gym time a few months ago, now there is no way I'm going to sacrifice my own health. Not only do I love seeing increased definition in my legs, but my mind has reaped the benefits threefold. 

After a while, this little sense of happiness will encourage you to be aware of your health in other ways as well. Now I am even more conscientious of what I put into my body, because I know that it will either help or hinder my workout later that day. I still keep a pint of ice cream in my freezer, but I don't eat it before I go run. 

It's all about balance. 

It may take you some time before you find your sweet spot. It may take you some time to feel the benefits of exercise. But sometimes you've just got to buck up and do what's good for you. Get those happy endorphins -- they will help you in more ways than one. Women with happy endorphins don't kill their husbands, they just don't!

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