5 Skills Every Twenty-Something Woman Should Have

Young women in their twenties have a lot of navigating to do. Careers, relationships, student loans...where is a girl to begin! To say the least, there is a lot of learning to do during this stage of life. As I've had a month to tinker with ideas of growth and patience, I quickly realized that us girls have to stick together! Here are five skills that are every twenty-something woman needs to gain, stat! 

1. Take fabulous photos of others

When someone asks you to take their photo, don't just snap a sloppy shot and hand them back their phone. OH, NO. Instead, instruct them on how to pose better, make sure the lighting is good, and give them reasons for a 'natural laugh' picture. Sorority gals, I'm looking at you -- y'all look amazing in every photo, and I know your picture-taking sisters are to thank. Learn to take fabulous photos of others, you'll be generating smiles and good vibes! 

2. Receive a compliment

Ladies, even if taking a compliment is not natural for your personality, learn to graciously receive one. It is too often that young women are complimented and then turn that compliment into a backhanded self-insult. NO, you are amazing and stunning and talented - let people tell you that! A simple 'thank you' is not going to hurt you. 

3. Give an elevator speech

Speaking of your fantastic self, learn how to tell people that without being boastful. Even if you aren't immersed in Wall Street's business department, you should be able to give a short, concise elevator speech. In other words, know the main points you'll make when someone says, "So tell me about yourself." You never know who will take your simple answer and provide an opportunity. 

4. Perfect a recipe

I'm not asking you to be Betty Crocker, but everyone (you too, gents) should have at least one recipe that they can knock out of the park. You're in your twenties, momma isn't going to keep cooking your snacks. Once you perfect at least one recipe you'll have something to rely on. Baby steps honey, you can work your way up to a full meal. 

5. Exercise like a champ

It's time to stop relying on your teenage metabolism and take your health into your own hands. Exercise doesn't indicate a relentless gym schedule. Find an activity you enjoy that will get you moving and on your feet. Take a hike, hit up a Zumba class, ride your bike to work....once you incorporate exercise as an aspect of your life, it will stop seeming like a chore. And you'll feel rad, so that's a plus. 

Twenty-something ladies, you have a whole new world in front of you. It may be unknown or confusing or downright weird, but you can get through it. Soon you'll be navigating life like a pro,...even if you aren't, make sure you have a smile on your face! :) 

Twenty-SomethingsLily Moe