5 Reasons to Get Off Your Butt TODAY!

All I want to do is curl up in a little ball and sleep until spring break. Doesn't that sound nice? Maybe a mug of hot chocolate and a movie? Or ooh ooh! A day spent entirely in pajamas! *swoon* 

While I can dream of a week of sleep all I want, that little fantasy is 100% unrealistic. I have things to do, people to see, and life to live! When you get in a slump, laziness can easily encroach on your usual go-getter attitude. But I encourage you to stay strong! Here are 5 reasons to get off your butt TODAY! 

1. The Good Lord gave you the ability

Ooh, sucker punch to the truth, huh? If the Good Lord gave you a smile to share, legs to run, and classes to conquer -- don't you think you had best get going? All of those activities allow you opportunity to give the glory to God through your attitude -- get going sugar! Praise Him for the schedule He has provided! 

2. You can have ice cream later

I'm easily bribed. And when I have a lot to do, I try to reward myself with a little something at the end of the day for all of my efforts. Whether it be ice cream, an episode of Netflix, or an hour at the gym (hey, to each their own), motivate yourself! 

3. Others benefit from your encouragement

You probably don't realize how much your day-to-day interactions encourage others. When you get off your butt and get going, you have the ability to share a sweet smile, hug a pal, or even just encourage others through the hard work they see you doing. This is your chance to inspire!

4. Make Momma proud

The parentals have done so much for you -- don't you want to give back to them? Today an A+ on that exam, tomorrow a vacation house in Connecticut! Give them something to brag about...no, a binge session of Heart of Dixie doesn't count. 

5. You're forming life-long habits

When you get off your butt on days you don't want to, you're forming a habit. You're getting stuff done, rocking life, and taking initiative. Not only does that impact your immediate reality, but your future. Don't you want to be that baddie that people know can make things happen? 

Get off your butt TODAY! Imagine what you can accomplish when you decide to make something of your day! 

HealthLily Moe