About Lil

Hi there! My name is Lil, taco enthusiast, New York transplant, and Billy Joel superfan. I also author this blog, henceforth our casual chat. I've been blogging on and off since November of 2016, yet here I am in January 2017 finally getting my life together. 

I've learned a lot about blogging through my many failed attempts at the craft, so let me tell you: this business is no joke. The men and women that actually do this for their full-time job? Brilliant maniacs. Trusting the Internet? You brave soul, you. Did I mention I work at a tech start-up in Midtown Manhattan? Yup, clear those cookies and settle in, your girl is putting her tech knowledge to work. 

I've gone back and forth as to what I want this blog to be. I could be a fashion sensation (no, that's a lie), or I could talk about life in New York (that's true), or I could become the next motivational big-wig (up for debate). But throughout my many shower brainstorming sessions, I've decided to settle with one main stream of consciousness: Encouragement. 

Encouragement is always something I've been passionate about, and I've realized that everyone, no matter what stage of life they're in, needs a little encouragement to get through their day. Maybe this comes in the form of a bomb.com glazed carrot recipe to wow your holiday guests with. Or perhaps you need a pick-me-up that reminds you how much Jesus loves you. Either way, I hope you'll find it here. 

Now that I've spent way to much room babbling about this blog, it's time for you to go check it out. Explore, ask questions, and drop me a note if you have any topics you'd like discussed/you just want to say hi. Let's get through this together, with a smile, wave, and big ole Internet hug! xo

With freedom, flowers, books, and the moon, who could not be happy?
— Oscar Wilde