Floral Bookshelves

never say “no” to tacos or group hugs.



I’m so glad you wandered to my corner of the Internet.

Floral Bookshelves represents a love of the written word and an obsession with flowers. Encouragement, a new place to explore, cookie recipes, affirmation of the Lord’s love for you, a pep talk to propel you towards your dreams…that’s what I strive for you to find here.

I think the greatest thing we can do, as human beings, is serve. Giving our honesty, our aspirations, and our hearts ready to learn for the sake of one another creates a beautiful community. A community that lifts one another up and inspires the rest of the world to do the same. That’s all we can do at the end of the day. I hope Floral Bookshelves is a place where we can learn how to serve better, together.

My name is Lil, by the way. I’m giving you a big ole Internet hug right now.


ready, go!

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Let’s talk about health, twenty-something transitions, blueberry buckle cake, and how to meal prep like a pro.

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Jesus chats

We’re all just people walking through life, one day at a time. Let’s come together in encouragement and honesty.

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New York

I love this city with my whole heart. Broadway ticket tips, neighborhood guides, and mice in apartments, oh my!